Terms, Conditions & Cancellation

Rental Contract of Billboard Rothwell

Terms of rental

  • If the first or last date of the booking falls over a weekend or a public holiday your sign will be installed the next available working day. No credit or refunds will be granted in this situation.
  • Booking months do not work on a 30 or 31 day basis, but simply for the month you have booked, going up on the first available working day and down on the last available working day of the period you have booked. I.e booking as per calendar month, not days.

Billboard skin conditions

  • The Skin you have ordered and designed will be installed by the Sign Cellar. (Sign Cellar PH: 3204 9580) NOTE the skins price is not included in the rental cost. If you need a skin made up please contact the Sign Cellar.
  • All costs associated with services offered or booked with with the Sign Cellar is not included with the billboard rent or associated with Redcliffe Billboards.
  • All skins for this board must be made to fit current tracks.
  • After your rented period is up the Sign Cellar will take down your skin and store for you should you wish to use again. You will be charged direct through The Sign Cellar for the installation and removal of sign. Please discuss this with Sign Cellar the associated costs directly.

Billboard general conditions

  • You accept it is your responsibility to check and location of the billboard and do your due diligence before confirming your booking.

Booking fees

  • Non-refundable booking fee of 2 months rent is required to hold sign for the full period booked payable at time of booking.
  • The 2 months paid as booking fee will be used to pay / cover the last 2 months of the period you booked.
  • If the booked period is only for 1 month then only at this time will 1 month rent be required and accepted as a booking fee.
  • Billboard rental is not confirmed until booking fee is paid.

Payment terms and condition.

  • Payment information for the sign board rent will be found on your confirmation email, contract, website and on the invoice from Redcliffe Billboards.
  • Payment for the forward month is required 14 days prior to installation or the next rented month.
  • To be clear, at time of booking the billboard, 2 months rent is due for payment immediately as your booking fee. 14 days prior to install of the rental terms beginning, you will be required to pay for that upcoming booked month. The 2 months paid as a booking fee will cover the last 2 months of your booked period.
  • If your booked period is for 2 months, then the booking fee will cover your rented period.
  • If your booked period is for 1 month, then you will only be required to pay 1 months booking fee and your booked month will be covered by the booking fee.
  • All fees from the design and install will be invoiced and paid direct to the Sign Cellar.
  • You will receive a separate invoice from Redcliffe Billboards for the monthly cost to rent the sign board space.
  • Bank Details for Redcliffe Billboards will be found on the bottom of the invoice.

Cancelation terms and conditions

  • (cancelation prior to install or start of term) if 3 mths notice is provided in writing prior to installation or start of term, then 50% of booking fee paid (1mth) will be refundable. Less then 3 mths notice is provided no refund will be granted.
  • (cancelation after installation or during rental duration) notice is required in writing. we will then endeavour to seek a new client to take over the period you signed up for. You agree you are obligated to continue paying for the rent of the billboard until a new client is found and takes over all the rental dates. You will be billed pro rata up until the day your sign is taken down and new sign is installed. You agree to also pay for any costs associated in seeking a new rental client, including but not limited to advertising and sign pull down, and new install.